OLED display may have just been confirmed in Iphone 8 by an unlikely source

Rumors of Apple abandoning liquid crystal display panels in favor of OLED on the iPhone 8 are in fact nothing new, however Tai’s position at Sharp and at Foxconn (where he’s also an executive) puts him during a distinctive position to grasp of Apple’s style plans months before.

Corroborating one amongst the more long-standing rumors regarding Apple’s 2017 iPhone, a device that may be known as the iPhone eight, Sharp business executive Jeng-wu Tai all but confirmed (via Nikkei) that Apple’s next-gen smartphone can feature an OLED display.

“The iPhone has been evolving and currently it’s change from LTPS (low-temperature poly-silicon) to OLED panels,” Tai aforesaid throughout a happening at Tatung University over the weekend. “We do not know whether or not Apple’s OLED iPhones are going to be a success, however if Apple does not walk down this path and transform itself, there’ll be no innovation. it’s a crisis however it’s also an opportunity.”

Interestingly enough, early iPhone rumors advised that Apple was at first going to build the switch to OLED in 2018. Those plans, however, were reportedly accelerated earlier this year amid declining iPhone sales.

As for the impetus behind the forthcoming switch, OLED displays provide variety of compelling advantages over current iPhone displays. Not only are OLED displays thinner, they conjointly offer richer and additional vibrant colours than different alternatives. There are, however, some drawbacks to OLED displays that Apple can presumptively address before producing begins. Specifically, OLED panels are costlier to manufacture and also the color saturation of the displays has been well-known to boring over time.

Display technologies aside, next year’s iPhone 8 can reportedly represent one amongst the largest iPhone style shifts so far. in keeping with variety of respectable sources, the iPhone 8 can feature a grip to edge show with the home button and also the bit ID sensing element embedded into the show itself.

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