Samsung Galaxy phone massages might shortly look like Apple’s iMessages

Messages you send from your Samsung Galaxy phone might shortly look plenty like Apple’s iMessages.

Samsung announces Tuesday it’s acquired a Canada-based rich Communications Services business from NewNet Communication Technologies. known as NewNet Canada, it’ll still operate independently as a unit of Samsung electronics North American country.

It adds new features to easy text electronic messaging, like seeing when somebody is writing back a response to your message and getting notifications once somebody has seen a message. It conjointly includes improved functions on cluster texts, which permit individuals to be added and deleted from group chats. and other people will simply share and transfer large files like high-resolution photos.

RCS basically is normal for a future generation of SMS text electronic messaging. It makes regular text messages behave lots like chat messaging apps, like Facebook messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp. however, this new standard brings similar practicality to the essential SMS service already integrated into your phone. Samsung said users are going to be able to communicate on any network, with an RCS-enabled device or an SMS-only device.

Samsung did not instantly answer a request for additional info. the corporate said in an announcement that “this acquisition is a critical milestone not just for Samsung but also for the communications business.”

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