Flying Ambulance successfully completed its initial solo test flight

An autonomous flying ambulance successfully completed its initial solo test flight, providing a possible solution for difficult search and rescue missions.

Completing such missions in rough terrain or combat zones can be difficult , with helicopters presently offering the best transportation possibility in most cases. However, these vehicles need clear areas to land, and within the case of war zones, helicopters tend to attract enemy fire. The autonomous flying vehicle, dubbed the cormorant, has been tested by an Israeli company and could one day go where helicopters cannot.The vehicle is designed to eventually carry individuals or equipment without a person’s pilot on board, `Live Science’ reported.

Rather than using propellers or rotors to fly, the cormorant uses ducted fans that are effectively shielded rotors, which means the aircraft does not need to worry about bumping into a wall and damaging the rotors. Another set of fans propels the vehicle forward.The vehicle is effectively a decision-making system that may discern what to do if there is a problem in the inputs from the sensors, the company , Urban aeronautics, said.

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