Apple event on September 12th: What could be presented by Apple

Apple will show its latest iPhone generation on September 12th. But that is not all there to see. We summarize what could be unveiled next to the iPhone 8. iPhone X – could also be called “iPhone Pro” or “Edition” The fact that Apple will unveil its new iPhone family in a special event on September 12 is considered to be set. The highlight of the evening is the all-round model, which has been taking place since the weekend as an iPhone X (X = roman: ten – on the…

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Autonomous Ships Market: Global Industry Growth, Market Size, Market Share and Forecast 2017-2025

Autonomous Ships Market

Product Summary The study is given to the analysis of the latest growth trends and prospects for the Autonomous Ships market. Autonomous Ships Market to Exceed US$ 155.05 Bn by 2025 with a CAGR of 12.8%. The section “Autonomous Ships Market” includes an examination of the situation in major sections of the Autonomous Ships market. The markets in European Union countries are examined in more detail, giving a timeline of financial results reported by major 3PL providers in 2017. Request Sample: “Autonomous Ships Market” is a new report by us…

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