Best New Geeky Gadgets 2018

Latest Geeky Gadgets 2018

The geeky gadgets are creating real time sensation among the people as a result of which there is a rapid increase in the demand of these gadgets in the market. People are really interested to know about the latest happenings about the geeky gadget market. So fulfill the hunger of the geeky gadgets many websites are coming up with information on the latest new geeky gadgets 2018.

It’s not possible for a common man to roam from one shop to the other to find the latest geeky gadgets for personal use and they all look for a source where they can get complete information on the latest new geeky gadgets 2018. So we handpicked few of them especially for you to make life simple.

Features of New Geeky Gadgets 2018

Gadgets that freak for the ultimate geek

1)       Do things right and use the Violight: The first in the list of latest new geeky gadgets 2018 you wouldn’t really think of owning, but it does resolve an issue for your cell phone.  It might sound crazy but your cell phone actually carries more bacteria than your shoe, being left in some places like on your desk and being handled too.  Now you can purchase a clever gadget known as the Violight Cell phone Sanitizer, which destroys 99.9% of surface bacteria.  The best thing is it won’t damage your phone or its works; it’s also suitable for PDAs, MP3s and Bluetooth handsets too.

2)       Well I do declare a pen that writes anywhere: This next gadget should put you in geek heaven, its name is the Inka and just like the title states “It really does write anywhere!”  For example Inka will write underwater, in extreme temperatures, at any altitude, and even upside down!  It’s made of carbon fiber; it’s lightweight and comes with a PDA stylus tip for touch screens.  Any geek out there would love to own one of these!

3)       If you really care then use a disc repair Picture the scene, you’re sitting down listening to some music on your favorite CD…and then BAM it happens!  The singer keeps repeating the same line, when you eject the CD you discover it’s covered in scratches.  And I know this has happened to you.  Well no more excuses now geeks because there’s the Disc Repair Cleaning and Repair System.  This will clean and polish your discs and keep them in sufficient working order.

4)       Back again with a 5-in-1 Geek Pen: We featured a pen earlier all geeks would love, but now get ready for the ultimate geek pen!  In fact this is the swiss army knife of geek pens; it’s a pen, a stylus, LED flashlight, and a UV light and also has a red laser pointer.  It has buttons and twists and turns for different functions.  Button batteries are included; make all those geeks drool with this gift!

5)       Static terminator with Electricity Eliminator: You know what it’s like?  Sometimes we touch our friends and family and receive electric static shocks.  Well this last gadget in our latest new geeky gadgets 2018 list stops that problem.  Just hold the SEE button touching the metal keychain part, touch the rubber tip to a grounded object and smile.

Conclusion: Geeky gadgets are creating real time sensation among the people and to be honest a huge population is running after finding the best geeky gadgets for them. To make the life simple for them we provided you the above list of some exciting and latest new geeky gadgets 2018 and we guess you will definitely like to have at least one of them


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