Best New Technology Gadgets 2018

Latest technology gadgets 2018

Every alternative day new technologies are coming up and we are getting newer and newer version of electronic technological gadgets which are of great use to the people. Every year we are getting a long list of technological gadgets which claims to be the best in the task it performs for the people. But it is not possible for a common man to go through this long list to select the one for them. So we decided to come up with a selected list of latest new technology gadgets 2018.

Latest new technology gadgets 2013

About the new technology gadgets 2018:

To make your life simple and easy we are here to provide you with a list of latest new technology gadgets 2018.  The gadgets which are enlisted here are handpicked especially for you keeping in mind the task it performs and price which you need to pay to collect for personal possession.

Features of Technology gadgets 2018:

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1)       A projector bigger than a locket that still fits in your pocket  First in our list for Latest new  technology gadgets 2013is the Compact 80-Lumen Pocket Projector, which is suitable for movies, videos, games and any presentations you may have to pitch to clients.  It connects via a HDMI cable to most computers, cameras, smart phones and more.  It also features dual built in speakers.  It will project any image you wish onto a large screen, and because of its compact nature is highly portable too.

2)       Be a big fan of a mouse that can scan:  This gadget is called a Scanner Mouse for the fact it’s not just a mouse, it’s also a scanner too!  All you need to do is click on the smart scan button, and then just glide the mouse itself over any document you may wish to scan.  You can then save, send and upload the document you have scanned, as it assembles the image onto the screen.  Then just attach to an email and send, or save it for when you need it for.

3)       Ten out of ten for the HD Video Pen; Imagine you are in a meeting trying to take some notes, but you are not a master of shorthand.  You could have missed some vital information you may need for later, maybe some ideas to pitch to a client.  Well that won’t happen if you use this pen, because it features a camera that provides HD video and sound.  This means you can take notes and video and play it back later on your mobile device or computer, via your USB.

4)       I tell you no lies this camera is really thumb size Camcorders are a great way to capture a movie magic moment and keep it forever; the same is said of a camera for taking still images.  But some are too large or troublesome to carry around; this however is not the case with the 3-in-1 DV Micro cam.  This clever little camera/camcorder plugs into your pc or laptop as a webcam also (on windows only) It comes with a 2GB microSD card, for up to 60 minutes of video.

5)       A real show stopper a remote control helicopter: The final gadget to feature in our latest new technology gadgets 2013 list is the Skywriter UFO Remote Control Helicopter, which flashes messages in mid-air up to 170 characters.  It’s cool for special events or displays.

These days’ people prefer to be a techno guy and go with the latest technology gadgets which are there in the market. This helps them to work smart, look smart and in becoming a complete techno man which the world is looking for in this 21st century. We guess the above list of Latest Technology gadgets 2013 will be good for you to find the latest technology gadgets which can be of great use to you. The above technology gadgets are within the range of the common man.

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