Latest new gaming gadgets 2018

Latest new gaming gadgets 2018

People who are very serious gamer are very conscious about the upcoming gaming gadgets, for getting a more excited gaming experience to enjoy. They take this game so seriously that sometimes it seems like that they can do anything for winning the game. The gaming gadgets play a key role in making the games for enjoying without any doubt and that the reason every year newer and newer gadgets are coming up for entertainment. We guess the serious gamers will really like the latest new gaming gadgets 2018which all are creating sensation all around.

Features of New Gaming Gadgets 2018

As already mentioned every year we get to see some exciting new gaming gadgets to experience. People who love to go for gaming prefers to go with the latest gadgets which are there in the market. We especially selected few of them which we guess the gamers will definitely like it. Check out the below list of Latest new gaming gadgets 2018.

 Latest Technology gaming gadgets 2018:

The gadgets to blame for making you top of your game

1)       You’ve got it made with the Bow blade:  For all the avid core gamers out there, here is the list of latest new gaming gadgets 2018.  Most of us love virtual gaming, gone are the days of the joystick, where we would sit and watch the little guy on the screen have all the fun whilst being controlled by ourselves.  The first in our list features for our archery enthusiasts, and is called the Bow blade.  Just pop your phone into the holder on the Bow blade, and simulate shooting a bow.  Works on over 35 apps involving sniper related themes and target shooting, play it on iOS or Android.

2)       Things are never bad on the Wikipad:  Now onto a 7” tablet that runs on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.  This gadget is called the WikiPad and is a portable gaming device, or handheld device that is also a tablet.  It is yet to be released and will feature 16GB of internal memory, and in case that’s not enough space for you?  They intend to provide a microSD memory card slot too!

3)       A cube that came back from the future And now something completely different, who could forget the Rubix Cube of yesteryear?  Twisting and turning that cube so all colors on all sides would match.  Well time moves on and so does technology, in the form of the Future Cube!  It has a combination of multi-axis accelerometers, vibration feedback, wireless connectivity and 56 multi-colors LED’s in this handheld game cube which also features audio.

4)       It’s a full house with this 12 button mouse: Now a gaming mouse with a difference, this one features 12 buttons!  It comes from the GX Gaming Series and is known as the Genius Gila, in Malay Gila translates as crazy or mad, and it lives up to it as well!  You can personalize your playing style, and it’s heading to the North American Market.

5)       Feel at home with your Smartphone For all of you out there who love to play games on your Smartphone, but can’t get to grips with the touch screen, now there is something that can help.  It features last in the latest new gaming gadgets 2018 and it’s called the iDroid Bluetooth gaming controller.  Just pair it with your Smartphone through Bluetooth running Android or iOS platform.  It’s a PS2 lookalike controller that recharges via the USB.

Conclusion: we guess after going through the above list of latest new gaming gadgets 2018you will definitely going to buy one for you without any doubt. Happy shopping for gaming gadgets.


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