Latest New High Tech gadgets 2018

Latest High Tech gadgets 2018

We all love technology a lot as it shows our progress to the next level in the journey of life. But there is one negative point it which we cannot ignore at any cost. Due to first development of technology the gadget which we buy today becomes old in short span of time as something new arrives very fast to replace it. Still we are crazy to own the latest new High Tech gadgets 2018.

Gone are the days when people used to think that if they buy a gadget of good technology that will continue with them for long. Today every alternative day new high tech gadgets are coming up to replace the old one and being a technologically advanced we run after the latest versions of the gadgets. Just check out latest new High Tech gadgets 2018.

New Technology High tech gadgets 2018:

Be an Exec with gadgets high tech

1)       Be the King of your workstation with the Emperor 200  In the latest high tech gadgets 2018 meet this incredibly cool workstation from the future, it even looks like something from the future shaped like a half dome.  It has a touch screen control centre, an electrically powered leather seat, an LED backlit LCD screen.  It works and feels great for any professional task you may have in mind, also for the avid hard core gamers who enjoy their online challenges.

2)       The new Samsung Galaxy Camera:  It doesn’t sound anything to shout about, after all there are many people out there like myself who own a Smartphone.  But now Samsung have decided to combine our cameras and smart phones in a different way.  On one side it looks like a camera (featuring a zoom lens) but turn it over and on the back it’s a touch screen Smartphone.  Smart eh?

3)       Enjoy games from the arcade with the Atari Icade:  This clever piece of gadget technology will transform your IPad or ipad2 into a mini gaming arcade cabinet, complete with mini joysticks and buttons.  It includes some great 80’s games available for download, play Asteroids and Centipede just to name 2, its fun and also a great looking addition to any IPad.

4)       Make the most of hunting for a ghost: Now you can be like the professional ghost hunters on the TV, for all the times yours friends have said to you “Have you ever seen a real ghost?”  Now you can say you actually hunt for them with this cool kit.  You can monitor paranormal activity with the Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit, included is an EVP listener which transfers sounds into electronic waves and sometimes voice, a thermometer to track any weird temperature changes in your environment due to ghost activity.

5)       Join the masses with these Smart Glasses: Ever wanted a pair of glasses that take the features of a Smartphone directly to your eyeballs?  Yes I know it sounds weird but these soon to released specs do just that, they run on Android 4.0 platform and include Bluetooth, WI Fi, video recording and GPS too.  Release is expected in the summer of this gadget, never take your mobile phone out of your pocket or bag again.  See all the information right in front of your eyes, and just like the James Bond movie “For your eyes only”

Conclusion: Hope you all want to own the latest high tech gadgets 2018 and that which we handpicked some selected one which we mentioned above. Select the one which suits you the best as all these are available high tech gadgets 2018 at an affordable price which will suit your wallet well without any sort of doubt for it.


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