Latest New Office Gadgets 2018

Latest Office Gadgets 2018

Getting struck in the regular office life is not liked by most of us as it makes us feel bored and exhausted before the day out. So what can be the magic stick which can bring some life in our daily official work schedule? With rapid development of the technology every alternative day new office gadgets are coming up to make us smile in office and enjoy the work which we do regularly at office. like babies feel happy when a creative toy is given to him or her to play , in the similar fashion we the grown up kids gets happy when you get a toy like gadget for use at office and we can select it from the Latest new Office gadgets 2018.

You will get to see different variation in the latest new Office gadgets 2018. We are pretty sure all of them which we are going to mention over here will attract you and make you happy in your office atmosphere. We handpicked some of the new office gadgets this year especially for you.

Features of New Office Gadgets 2018:

Office gadgets that is also fun

1)       I spy with my little eye something beginning with C it’s a tiny camera: In India you can pick up this and it features in my latest new office gadgets 2018 list, you may want to use this to spy on your friends, then play it back on your TV and watch their embarrassed faces.  In reality this works as a fantastic surveillance gadget too because it is so tiny and can be concealed discreetly.  Just use the RCA AV cable (supplied) to plug into any Swann security monitor, VCR, DVR or T.V.  It also comes with a microphone to record audio monitoring as well as video, available in India priced at INR 30.99.00.

2)       Entertainment for your iPhone:  For all those who own an iPhone you can have fun in the office too, just slot your iPhone into the back of the Arcadie Mini Desktop Arcade Cabinet and be transported back into the retro 1980’s.  Download a number of different games from the app store which are compatible for this device like Arcadie Alien Invaders, with its 8 way joystick and dual action buttons play like a pro.  This ingenious fun gadget requires no batteries, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi configuration, enjoy while the boss is not looking.

3)       Dancing Cat that is a speaker too: Just for amusement purposes I came across this hilarious office gadget.  It plugs into almost any audio source with a 3.5mm input jack.  So MP3 players, computers, laptops and of course smart phones and so much more.  Then sit back and watch the cute cat not just do its job as a speaker, but also dance in time to the music that you play.  Pick up the Dancing Cat Speaker in the UK priced at 29 pounds and 99 pence.

4)       Score with your waste paper bin: When we get bored in the office how about a game of basketball?  For around $5 you can buy the Waste Paper Bin Basketball Hoop, just attach it above your waste paper bin in the office, and then screw up little pieces of paper into balls and try to score a basket.  “He shoots and scores!”  Sounds pointless I know, but still loads of fun.

5)       Take the tension out of your day with Stress Balls: In the US for around 99 cents you can buy a stress ball, squeezes it when you have had a bad day.

Give a new meaning to your professional life with latest new office gadgets 2018. You will start enjoying your office schedule once you buy any of these above office gadgets, Stay tuned for more updates.


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