Latest New Windows 8 Gadgets 2018

Latest Windows 8 Gadgets 2018

We are pretty sure that it seems really difficult for the people to decide that they will go with the laptop or select a tablet this time to make life simple. But with the introduction of Windows 8, the manufacturers of computers left no stone unturned to remove this decisional problems with plenty of gadgets for windows 8 which works really well with laptops, computers and as well as tablets too. We believe that the latest new windows 8 gadgets 2018 will be able to satisfy the needs of the techno people of the 21st century.

The people of 21st century are really demanding and they want the best quality gadget that goes really well with windows 8 OS either in laptop or on a tablet. This year some new windows 8 gadgets made their presence felt in the industry. We handpicked few latest new windows 8 gadgets 2018 especially for you. Check them out.

New Technology windows 8 gadgets 2018

It’s never too late for gadgets for Windows 8

1)       Don’t be sad use the Windows 8 Touchpad:  Number one in our list for latest new windows 8 gadgets 2018 is a rechargeable touchpad from Logitech called the T650, it is made from ultra-smooth glass, has a surface that when you touch it, it will resist scratches, not to mention you can use a three finger vertical swipe to access the windows 8 start menu.  Incorporate into that the four finger gestures on the smooth surface also to maximize and minimize your windows, as well as scan your page from left to right.

2)       Wait a sec it’s a keyboard from Logitech: This one is called the K810 and it connects to windows 8 via Bluetooth, it was actually intended for use with tablets running the windows 8 operating system.  It is a keyboard where the number pad has been removed, which is no big drama as Logitech will vouch for.  It also can pair up 3 of your devices running windows, for example a windows 8 tablet, a windows phone, and maybe another pc running windows 8.  Then with a flick of a switch you can toggle between each device.  It’s compatible with the Android operating system also, and the keyboard itself will even illuminate in any low light conditions you may encounter.

3)       With windows 8 at your house use the Microsoft touch mouse: For a cool mouse that works wonders with any tablet, or pc running the windows 8 environment, look no further than the T620.  Yet another offering from Logitech, that will give you a 3 month battery life before you need to even think of replacing them.  With this device you can also use the one, two, and three finger support, as well as zoom in too!  A must have for anyone running windows 8.

4)       Use this ledge a mouse called the Microsoft Wedge: The final gadget to talk of in the list of latest new windows 8 gadgets 2018 is a mouse with attitude, because it no longer has a wheel incorporated into its make-up for scrolling pages.  Instead there is now a touch sensitive middle strip, and this mouse also detects if you will use horizontal scrolling methods too, which you will find in the windows 8 environment with the panorama style modern UI.  It also fits nicely into your hand, and doesn’t connect by USB but uses a Bluetooth connection.

Conclusion: Hope the above listed latest new windows 8 gadgets 2018, will fulfill your need for the best windows 8 gadgets. Try them and enjoy life at the best.


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