New Gadgets for Men 2018 Top 10

Latest gadgets for men 2018

The 21st century men are very stylist and they want the best device to make them look great. Looks matter a lot in this competitive world and so the men too are sensitive at what they use in their regular life. if we manage to go through the Latest new gadgets for men 2018, then we will get to see some very new and trendy additions in the list which the men’s of this generation will definitely like.

Every year some new gadgets are coming up to light up our life brighter. We select few of them based on our requirement and also on our budgets and we selected few for you which we hope you will definitely like. Check out the below new gadgets for men for this year.

Features of New Gadgets for Men 2018:

Big boys and their gadget toys

1)    Be the trader of your dreams with the Day trader board game : For those of us guys who enjoy a good game of monopoly, but get bored easily of playing the banker and we want something more challenging, how about this game?  Imagine yourself running around on the trading floor yelling “buy buy buy” and “sell sell sell” well this is about as close as you can get to being Nick Leeson without the jail sentence (UK guy bankrupted the Queen’s bank in the UK) he just did too much buying.  But you can learn from his mistakes as this game also teaches you all about the stock market, this financial game you can buy in the US for around $32.

2)    Whiskey or beer drinkers have no fear, as the rox are here!  Picture the scene, you come home after a hard day from the office, you want to lie down and chill out with your favorite beverage.  Only problem is you want your drink to be as chilled as you are, you go to the freezer to get those ice cubes that have been sat in there since morning, drop them into your drink and it becomes diluted!  Not with these clever gadgets it won’t.  They are shaped just like ice cubes, but when you take these out of the freezer and drop them into your beer or for that spirit drinker’s whiskey, you lose none of the taste.  Purchase these little helpers for $15

3)    You won’t be lonely with this smart watch from Sony: And now in the list for the coolest latest new gadgets for men 2018 we travel to India to present to you the Sony Smart watch.  And the name says it all, it’s from Sony, and boy is it smart.  It works on android; all you need to do is connect this to your phone via your Bluetooth like you would with a headset.  Then have the time of your life, making calls, sending and receiving mails, checking text messages, and keeping up to date on social networking sites too.  Feel like James Bond in front of your friends talking and using the sensitive touch screen on this; just try to be sure to be in a 10m range with your phone when wearing this.  This is priced around INR: 8750. So for big kids who love their gadgets those are the latest new gadgets for men 2018.

4)   Google Project Glass: The co founder of the Google Sergey Brin loves playing with the internet and introduced the Google endeavor, Project Glass, which is capable to provide with information about weather reports, map direction and messages from friends with the help of one lens of the glass.

Conclusion: Give a new look to your life with latest new gadgets for men 2018. The gadgets for men are available at an affordable price so you can enjoy it very easily, Be with us for more updates.


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