3 Reasons Why Android Will Become the Industry Leader

Apple has long since dominated the smartphone market. Steve Jobs and his team have been able to produce an excellent line of iPhones that have unmatchable screen resolutions and the most simple designs that make them one of the most easy smartphones to use – even for those that aren’t tech savvy.

However, the rise of Android has brought in to question how long Apple really will maintain the #1 spot in the smartphone industry. The release of the iPhone 4S brought lots of “oooooos” and “awwws,” but it also brought disappointment. Siri was an astounding feature, but the overall phone itself wasn’t the iPhone 5 and that had many upset – especially after having to wait over a year for it.

Phone Selection

Apple has the iPhone which is great for certain users, but there are no other options. You either get the iPhone or you don’t. If you are an Android enthusiast, you have a wide selection of great phones to choose from – everything from the Samsung Galaxy S2 cell phone to the HTC Sensation cell phone. So you have more options to choose a phone that fits your needs and style – not just be stuck with the same phone everyone else has.

Customizable Interface

To complement the Android phone you chose to fit your style and needs, you can also customize your phone to better suit your needs. The Android user interface, especially the Notifications feature, has long been better than the iPhone’s – even with its recent improvements. For users, the customization that Android allows gives users the abilities to make their phones function faster for them, and in an age where we are functioning more and more on our smartphones to complete everyday tasks this feature will make Android more enticing than Apple.


The fact that the iPhone 4S was released without 4G capabilities was in and of itself a total letdown for Apple enthusiasts. Android, on the other hand, has been using 4G with its phone for awhile now. Nearly every new HTC and Samsung phone – which have both been great contenders against the iPhone – are 4G capable – which grants users the ability to do more at faster speeds. Again, as people begin to rely on their smartphones more and more, they are only going to want the fastest speeds possible – and Android has been providing the operating systems and network speeds capable of make that happen.

The three things that set Android apart from Apple are also the things that will make Andoid the industry leader. Apple isn’t interested in offering a selection of phones or customizable interfaces. The company is giving people a product which also serves as a service. If you want it, great; if not, there is not another Apple option.

Ultimately, peoples growing used to smartphones will force Apple out of the industry lead. While Apple is great for those that don’t want anything remotely complicated, working professionals, students, and other multi-taskers will begin to demand customizable features and workhorse-like phones that only Android can offer.

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