Memo Touch, tablet designed for people with memory problems

Technology should always be at the service of mankind and to lead a comfortable life as well as help to overcome the barriers imposed on us by health problems or accidents. Fortunately, technological advances not only allow us to perform tasks more easily and meet our needs but tend to democratize over time.

The boom in rushing tablets suggests progress as we are today: a tablet specifically designed to help in their daily lives both individuals with memory problems and their carers. That’s Memo Touch, Android-based tablet that not only aims to improve quality of life of the person suffering a health problem but also think about the people around them.

The tablet design is simple and intuitive as it could not be otherwise in a product focused mainly older people. Large, descriptive icons lead to reminders, to-do lists to make, yet taking medication, emergency phones and close relatives and other useful information for day to day. The creators put particular emphasis on any person who can handle a TV is capable of handling the Memo Touch, much greater than this is.

In addition, the tablet allows collaborative remote control and the remaining tasks of the person in question. Family members can access from any internet connected computer to a server where they can modify or add tasks and alarms to the tablet of the person with memory problems. This way they can generate audible alarms draw attention to the patient in question and the screen will read a reminder of that pill that has to be taken or that task to be performed.

Obviously not a product that can replace a hundred percent attendance in person but it is a small step at the time of giving more autonomy to those people who are not yet being unable to fend for itself in simple tasks. It also enables decentralized care of the patient and any family member can update and modify the data, thus avoiding the entire burden of care falls on one person as is so often the case.

The product is based on the 10.1-inch Archos 101 and costs $ 299 plus a subscription service of $ 300 per year. Also allows resetting to become a standard Android tablet should not be required more for service that has been designed and stop paying the annual fee.

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