Make Your Choice after Reviewing Galaxy Nexus Vs iPhone 4S

Planning to change your old smart phone? Are you looking at which smart phone to buy? A comparison between best makes in the market would give you an idea. Take a quick look here…

Smart phones have been in the market for more than a decade now. Since their initial launches, smart phones have offered people great comforts and have met people’s needs through their products. And, people have moved from ordinary mobile phones to smart phones for the variety of features and comfort they experience. People wish to have all sorts of comforts when they have a smart phone in hand. And, with technological advancements, smart phones of the day from big giants in the tech industry promise people for quality, performance and satisfaction in all aspects. People also eagerly wait for the launch of new products from technology topers in the mobile market.

Samsung and Apple are well known in the smart phone market for introduction different smart phones. Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S always have a huge competition. Galaxy Nexus is a smart phone released by Google and Samsung with their partnership. iPhone 4S is the fifth generation iPhone from Apple. Many people who aren’t aware of smart phones have confusions when they come across new smart phones. It is challenging when it comes to the features. Although smart phones form Apple is expensive when compared to other smart phones, people prefer to own an Apple product.

Following is a look into the features offered by these smart phones.


Apple’s iPhone 4S uses an A5 processor which is clocked at 1 GHz. The processor is supported by a 512 MB RAM. Galaxy Nexus has an OMAP processor and is clocked at 1.2 GHz. It is supported by 1024 MB RAM and hence double as that of iPhone 4S. Although there is difference, there is no much difference in the performance of these smart phones.

Operating System

The operating system used by iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus are good based on various aspects. Nexus uses an Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS and it is the first smart phone to use this. This latest version of Android OS has enhanced aesthetics and offers higher performance. iPhone 4S uses the iOS 5 operating system which is simpler to use when compared to Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.


iPhone 4S features an 8MP camera whereas Galaxy Nexus has an 5MP camera. When it comes to camera, people do not take time to choose their smart phone as they are very much particular about image quality and capturing images. Taking photos and quality of images is excellent in iPhone 4S. However, both phones can take 1080p HD camera offering users more flexibility.


Apple smart phones are expensive and popular for the rich applications they offer. Androids do offer applications, but cannot match or exceed Apple’s apps in any aspects. Apple’s products are unbeatable when it comes to the number of applications they support.

You can check online about the features supported by these smart phones. You also read reviews presented by people about iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus in a number of websites. If you read through such websites, you will get better ideas about which smart phone to choose for your use.

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