There has been lot of changes in the recent technology and people are wondering that the next few years will see some sweeping changes in the world of technology. 2012 has already seen a number of new gadgets and that we’re now into 2013, there are some more that are coming our way and that are going to change the entire world. If you’re a gadget-freak and you’re waiting for some of the right gizmos that can quench your thirst, here is a list that you may consider giving a glance to.


  • Google Glass: Although Augmented Reality is something that has already seeped into our lives through different education apps and experiments, Google is going to take it even further with the Google Glass. With Google Glass, you will be able to view social media text, RSS Feeds, Google Maps and also navigate through the GPS. Clicking photos is even possible and this is truly called Vision as the co-founder of Google has already tested this glass with the creatives and the skydivers. Now this device is only available to some particular developers at a price of $1500 but the experts are gradually making a consumer version.
  • Oculus Rift: Are you a gamer? Virtual Reality gaming is now present in the form of Oculus Rift. The 3D headset that you use will let you feel that you’re actually inside the video game. In the virtual world of Rift, you could easily turn your head round with low latency in order to view the entire world in high resolution. There are certain products that can also do the same, but Rift will enjoy the gaming experience at only $300 and this is the beginning of the revolution with gaming.


  • Mobile OS from Firefox: Apple has one and so does Google. So, why will Mozilla Firefox be left behind? This popular company has already felt a pinch in the market in the form of the other competitors and they’ve also entered the market, claiming to be cheaper than Android. This OS will support HTML 5 and will also be able to tap into hardware in newer ways. So, if you’re someone who is a dedicated user of iOS or Android, you should be able to adjust yourself to the mobile OS from Firefox.
  • The iPad Mini: This has been swinging in the rumor mill for a long period of time ans recently there has been some reports that the device is actually going to be manufactured. The size will certainly make sense, both in terms of MacBook or Apple and this is yet another way in which you can fend off some recent challenges from Google.

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