21 years later the actor of Titanic said that Jack had to die at all costs


Actor Billie Jane, who played Kell Hawk in the film ‘Titanic’, says that Leonardo’s character Jack had to die at all costs in the film. After several years of director James Cameron’s 1997 film “Titanic”, there is a debate over why Jack had to die in the snowy waters, while Rose (Kate Winslet) survived on a wooden leash in water.

Jane told ‘People.com’, “Your hero had to die. I do not know what else could be done besides this.” He says that Jack’s character was such that he had to die.

In the interview to Vanity Fair about Climax of the film James Cameron, director of the film, had said that Jack had to die. This movie was about to die and be different. If Jack was alive, the ending of the film would have become meaningless. ‘

Tell the superhit movie Titanic was released in theaters in the United States in theaters 2D and 3D once last year. The film, which was released in 1997, was praised worldwide.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate became the superstar overnight after working as a pair of ‘Jack-Rose’ in the film ‘Titanic’ on the background of the tragedy of 1912. Today, they are discussed as the most liked screen couples.

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