LIVA Q Minicomputer, Smaller Than The Smartphone

Elitegroup Computer System (ECS) has launched Pocket Computer in India. The company claims that it is the world’s smallest Pocket Size Windows-based computer. This personal computer named Liva Q has the Intel Opolo Lake processor. It has 32GB of eMMC storage with 4GB of RAM. The feature of this mini computer is that it can play 4K content on the monitor. ECS is a Taiwanese company and it is also the world’s fifth largest computer motherboard maker.

This mini computer has a dual network option with HDMI 2.0 port in LIVA Q. While the standard RJ 45 LAN connector has been provided for connectivity. There is also a micro SD slot through which you can increase the memory up to 128GB.

According to the company, the specialty of this computer is its size. It has been claimed that it is the smallest mini personal computer of this kind, which is 70x70X31.4mm. It weighs only 260 grams. Keep in mind one after the other, with this device you do not get monitor keyboard and mouse.

Liva Q’s specialty

This device comes in the Plug and Play category. That means you can use it anywhere, like a computer, by using the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

You can turn it on or off through the monitor’s remote.

It can fit easily anywhere and it also has the ease to take it from one place to another.

It has the option of both LAN and WiFi to connect this mini PC to the Internet. I.e. you can play cable or wifi internet


LIVA Q will be sold in ECS company partner stores in India. Apart from this, it can also be purchased from the e-commerce website. It has two variants – one will get you the operating system, while the other will be without OS, that means you have to install the operating system in it yourself.

LIVA Q 4GB RAM and 32GB internal memory variants are priced at 15,500 and will be given a Windows 10 Home operating system. Taxes can be levied separately at this price. The computer with no operating system costs Rs 13,500.

Country Head of Elliptgroup Computer Systems Rajshekhar Bhatt has said, “In ECS, we will continue to enhance LIVA product portfolio with extensive design and innovation. Smaller size, more features, and performance will be improved with every generation. In the same sequence, we launched the LIVA Q, the smallest Pocket Size Personal Computer, which will be available in the market from today. “

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