Who says kids can’t be innovative? these five inventions were all dreamt and actualized by kids.

  1. Braille: Braille is a writing system for blind and visually impaired people. It’s a system that consists of small raised dots that can be read with the sense of touch.
    This life-changing invention was created by 15-year-old Louis Braille in 1824, who lost his sight in an accident. With this writing system, the blind can read books and even computer screens.



  1. The Calculator: At the age of 18, Blaise Pascal invented the first Mechanical Calculator named Pascaline. Though not initially accepted because it was believed it would make people become lazy, it was later made commercially available 200 years after its design.



  1.   Ice Pop: This was an invention ‘by accident’. In 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson left a mixing stick in a glass of powdered soda and water. Due to the cold temperature that night, he woke up to find a frozen pop, which he initially called ‘Episcle’. After patenting ‘Popcicle’ in 1923, it has gone on to be a Kid’s delight.


  1. The Trampoline: This gymnastic apparatus which has been incorporated into the Olympics was invented by George Nissen in 1935 alongside his gymnastics coach. It is now also used in flight and Astronaut training and of course. . . for recreational purposes.


  1. Ear Muffs: This simple but ear-warming piece was invented by 15-year old Chester Greenwood. The idea came to him after he got tired of having cold ears while ice-skating in his area. He made a wire loop and requested his grandmom to sew fur (soft hair from some animals) on its ends. He kept working on the model and finally obtained patent rights in the 1870s. This piece of a device was used to keep the US soldiers’ ears warm during the World War.