How to Target US, UK or USA Traffic to Your Blog in 2018

Targeting a Specific country’s Traffic and get all of them to your blog is not too easy but using some special technique you can drive the whole Traffic which is related to your keyword to your Blog or website. Some Days ago I Shared some of the Must Have Blogger and WordPress widgets and the Best way to driving traffic and Here am going to Share some Basic ways to Get Targeted Traffic to your website from Google and Other Search engines.To Rank High in a Particular country, you must have a target domain with the good extension like .us ., Country-specific Server and some keywords which have low competition and high search result. Also, try to Avoid these 10 Basic SEO Mistakes and 75% of your work is done and you no Need to buy traffic from paid services to Target USA Traffic.

Why We Need to Target A Specific Country or countries like U.S.A., U.K, U.S?
As You know that countries like the U.S.A., U.K, U.S etc pay more money in case of Google Ad sense or else.Lots of Advertiser like Pay per click and Pay per Impression, Pays more to the traffic from above-listed countries, Affiliate marketing also has an edge in these countries.Bloggers care is an Indian Site and love to target Indian as well as Global Traffic but not from a particular country because Am not going after money but I want to Share my Ideas and Tips with the World an people like you who are reading this.You can use the below tips to your E-commerce sites or else. Read my Old Post 6 Killer Tips To Improve Google keywords ranking.

Driving country-specific traffic:

Step 1: Find a Domain Name with Country name as the extension.

Domain Name plays an Important role in any kind of Blog, Site or start-up. Lots of people use domain extension like .com, .org and .net to target global target traffic but here we are talking about how to Target a Particular country to Drive Traffic so you need a domain with an extension like .in to target Indian Audience,.UK to target the United Kingdom or .au to target Australian.You can use the domain like and also. Bloggers care is based on .com but targeting it in a Specified Country is very hard. So first step is to find a Domain with good extension to Target USA Traffic.

Step 2: Setup hosting server location to the Targeted country.

The server plays an important role in targeted traffic.Whenever you try to select the Best web hosting for your website try to host in a country where you want to rank it.For eg., if you want to target the U.S. then try to find the US-based servers and If you want to target India then choose Indian based server or else as per your requirements.Most of the web hosting companies like Dreamhost, Bluehost else provides the best way to choose server location. Your website will load faster and rank more in the search result in that country to Target USA Traffic.

Step 3: SEO, Backlink and Directory Submit

As You know SEO Plays an Important role in any Niche of the website to rank in well in global or in the specific country. If you want to rank a site in a country then you must have to do some local SEO for it like submit the site to Google webmaster tool and select target country as per your requirement. Also, make a list of the top sites with .gov and .edu Domain of that country and make some back-links in it. Also, try to submit site and article with Good Title and description in some directory also.

These Basic Tips are enough to rank a blog in USA or else but you may also gain some traffic and subscribers by adding a cool website design with the nice theme and Subscription widget to your WordPress or Blogger Blogspot blog to Target USA Traffic.

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