8 facts by science on love and romance.

1. Two strangers can fall in love by looking into each other’s eyes   Eye contact is a scientifically proven way of making a person fall in love with you. Looking someone directly in the eyes causes their body to produce ‘phenyethylamine’ a chemical capable of igniting love feelings. So, except for a person you really like, don’t tempt ‘brother Cupid’ by your visual actions.   2. The ‘butterflies in the stomach’ effect are your body reacting to…you know…     This effect, known as ‘fight-or-flight’ response is due to increase secretion…

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What is Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program?

Different things are required during the winter season for keeping your house warm. When you are planning to buy or making a new house then you should keep in mind that this house bears the winter cold. Your house walls should be insulated properly for keeping the house warm. Another important thing your house must have good heating system for keeping your house warm and comfortable. The most important thing in winter season is keeping your house and it is very easy to say but difficult to maintain. It is…

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Movie-like home theater projectors for entertainment within your reach

Going to the movies is a common and most popular recreation especially for young professionals living a very stressful life of running corporate affairs. However, for some who cannot afford to waste the time traveling to and from movie theaters, the answer to this recreational endeavor might be just inside your own living room. Bring home the sight and sound of movie theaters with your very own home theater system. The best home theater set up may indeed include high-quality components that may bring forth the entire movie theater experience…

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Complete the home theater set up with high-end home theater speakers

home theater speakers

Home theaters are getting to be extremely popular among American homes. This modern technology is slowly giving movie theaters a run for their money. Basic knowledge of home theater system and its basic components may be best for people who want to bring home relaxation and entertainment. The most important consideration in the design and complete set up of your home theater is the size of the room. The home theater speakers and the other components of your home theater may need to consider the size of the room. Too…

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How to choose the best for your home theater system

Watching movies is a neat escape from the stressful lifestyle we live in. Watching movies in a wide screen and surround sound take you far away and into the movie scene you are watching. You watch it as if you were there in the movie scene. Of late, we can only experience this escape in a cinema. However, modern technology may be able to provide this same sight and sound experience right in your own living room. We will discuss the basic components of a home theater system in this…

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Home theater, experience the entertainment of movie theaters right in your own living room.

Home theater

The cinema is a good place to watch movies and relax. This is because you watch the movie in a widescreen with sound that can make you easily get lost in the movie scene. The picture and the sound is the most entertaining part of the cinema experience. However, if you can bring this technology home and with lesser expense, this is definitely something you will enjoy. This is the concept only a few American homes acquire in the past years. Lately late, however, a good number of American homes…

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U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Win First Gold Medal in 20 Years by Beating Canada in 2018 Olympics

Harry How

Group USA brings home the gold! The United States ladies’ ice hockey group beat Canada 3-2 in the 2018 Olympics title matchup in Pyeongchang, South Korea, on Wednesday. An objective by Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson in the 6th round of the sudden demise extra time shootout, which kept going 20 minutes, gave the U.S. its triumph. This was the primary gold decoration for the U.S. since 1998, when the main ladies’ hockey competition in Olympic history was played in Nagano, Japan. Similarly as cool? This win went ahead of the commemoration of…

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Kendra Wilkinson Opens Up Of Her Conjugal Issues With Hank Bassett That They Have Some Issue

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett is tending to her conjugal challenges with spouse Hank Baskett. The 32-year-old reality star took to Instagram on Wednesday to pummel a newspaper report that asserted that her relationship challenges have been decorated for the Kendra on Top cameras. The previous Playboy show hit in a long subtitle that disproved the theory yet did not sugarcoat her conjugal issues. “1. how do u counterfeit conjugal issues? has neither rhyme nor reason,” Wilkinson composed close by a screen capture of the article being referred to. “2. Indeed we…

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21 years later the actor of Titanic said that Jack had to die at all costs


Actor Billie Jane, who played Kell Hawk in the film ‘Titanic’, says that Leonardo’s character Jack had to die at all costs in the film. After several years of director James Cameron’s 1997 film “Titanic”, there is a debate over why Jack had to die in the snowy waters, while Rose (Kate Winslet) survived on a wooden leash in water. Jane told ‘People.com’, “Your hero had to die. I do not know what else could be done besides this.” He says that Jack’s character was such that he had to…

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After dropping shows Wendy Williams shares health update

Wendy Williams at GALA

Wendy Williams doesn’t have this season’s cold virus starting at yet, yet she is feeling wiped sufficiently out to remain off her television show arrange. “It’s not seasonal influenza yet, but rather I feel influenza ish,” she said in an Instagram video on Wednesday. “It’s not a five on a size of one to five, it’s not even a four.” Looking comfortable in a robe and head wrap, the 53-year-old let her devotees know between wheezes that she’s making a beeline for the specialist soon to get a determination. A…

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