Google will be working on a 7-inch tablet to compete with Kindle Fire?

No doubt Apple is the leader of the tablets, was the creator of the first tablet in the world in 2010 and many companies have since been trying to take market share but many of them have not succeeded as expected This is the case of HP and RIM have had to finish your tablets out of the inventory.

There is a single tablet that could be said to have been successful in the tablet market and this is the Amazon Kindle Fire, which entered the market with low cost and good service, since its release has not stopped being sold, being without doubt the second best selling pill in the last months of 2011. The analyst Travis McCourt of Morgan Keenan recently spoke about the impact of the tablet Kindle Fire to the company on the block, where it expects sales of the Amazon tablet must have cost him the loss of 1 million tablets without Apple to sell. That is why other companies are now trying to compete with the Kindle Fire.

A report from DigiTimes website a source of a component provider Google says the company’s largest Internet search is in the process of developing a 7-inch tablet with a plan to reach the market for the month of March or April. The device, according to the source will be running Android 4.0 operating system Ice Cream Sandwich, with a value smaller than the Kindle tablet fire.

To make this a little more real a few weeks ago a Google executive Eric Schmidt said Google is working on a high quality tablet that will be presented in the next 6 months. We are sure this will be the year of the tablets of low value.