Latest New Kitchen Gadgets 2018

Latest Kitchen gadgets 2018

Life is too hectic in recent time and we look for some comfortable device or instrument or a machine which can make our life simple and less time consuming in the kitchen. We cannot ignore the fact that kitchen gadgets are one of the coolest gadgets in recent time and are available in abundant quantity in the market. There are so many different types of kitchen gadgets which you can buy to make your kitchen life very simple and enjoying too. When there is sudden arrival of guests in the house we are sure you will not get puzzled as long as you are equipped with latest new Kitchen gadgets 2018.

Kitchen is one such place of life, the importance of which cannot be ignored at any cost. And to make that place more attractive for us we introduce the latest cool gadgets in the kitchen. The gadgets which are available these days for the kitchen come in affordable price and within the budget of common man. We picked up few latest new Kitchen gadgets 2018 especially for you

Features of New Kitchen gadgets 2018

Cool Gadgets for your kitchen life

1)       Rice is nice with the Phillips Rice cooker:   For those rice lovers out there who want their rice cooked the right way, maybe we could insist you in the new Phillips HD4711/60 rice cooker.  This available in India takes the trouble out of cooking rice for the family, with its one touch operation and tempered glass lid for monitoring your cooking progress.  So your rice is cooked to perfection just as it should be.  Accessories also that come with this gadget include the rice scoop, measuring cup and the plastic steam tray.  Pick up this kitchen marvel for around INR.2500.00.

2)       A great deal with the Trio Peeler: For a small gadget that doesn’t take up too much space in the kitchen, we add to the list for the latest new kitchen gadgets 2018 the Trio Peeler.  It does just what the name states too, peels in three different styles.  So if you need it for a hard skin or a soft skin it can accommodate your wishes, whilst also cutting julienne style.  It’s a cool looking gadget too with its funky black and white design.  Available to buy in the US and won’t break the bank either with a price at $15

3)       The Talking Measuring Cup a cup that measures up to what it says:  For the first time in the kitchen we can have some fun with this to come from the line of latest new kitchen gadgets 2018 we are proud to present the Talking Measuring Cup, with its unbreakable frosted plastic, and being microwave and dishwasher safe, all it requires is 2 AAA batteries.  Then you can add any ingredients like flour, oil or sugar (it compensates for the density) sit back and hear the clear female voice stating the volume in cups or millimeters, or weight in ounces or grams.  And you will know you have measured the right amount of ingredients for that recipe first time.  This clever amusing little gadget is available in the US priced at $59.99.

4)       You can make a waffle while making an omelet:  At the higher end of the kitchen gadget market we have the Waffle and Omelet maker which cook both at the same time.  Working at different temperatures and 6 browning levels.  The unit beeps and the LED lights up so you get both perfect every time. Available to you at price $119.95

We are sure that you are going to decorate your kitchen with these latest new kitchen gadgets 2018. Life seems to be easy when your kitchen is equipped with latest kitchen gadgets