Comparison Between Redmi Note And Redmi Note 4G

Like the earlier launches of Chinese giant, the Redmi Note set new standards for performance and the features that should be expected in this category. 4G version of Redmi Note was announced by Xiaomi alongside the original at a price just Rs. 1000 higher, though it had restricted availability. Xiaomi Redmi note 4G looks identical to its 3G version but has few differences.

External differences are not there between Redmi Note and the 4G version as these are well built and look nice. Black front face has been offset by shiny rear white shell and prominent red icons for three capacitive buttons under the screen. There is no branding on front and little silver Mi logo is there on the back. Buttons have been lined up on right side and left side is blank. Micro-USB port is at bottom and headset socket is at the top. Non- standard and squared-off micro-USB port has been used making it difficult to find which way plug should go in. Get latest deals on it at SaveMyPocket.

Major difference is visible beneath it. 4G version of phone has single regular-sized slot for SIM card. Battery will have to be taken out to swap micro SD and SIM cards. With 5.5-inch screen, Redmi Note 4G is not very difficult to handle. It is quite tall and wide and you will feel the weight and it has to be carefully balanced for reaching all the parts of screen with single hand. You can use latest Amazon coupons and get a good discount. It shares most of the specifications with Redmi’s older model with single key difference. 4G version uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 because of Qualcomm’s integrated capabilities. Both models have 5.5-inch screen, 8GB of the internal storage space, 2GB of RAM and faster Wi-Fi support.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

Both have identical cameras, Bluetooth, GPS and FM radio features. Both have gyroscopes, accelerometers, proximity sensors and digital compasses. 3,ooom Ah batteries are exactly the same. Both the phones run Xiaomi’s MiUi interface on the top of Android. Users should be happy with the way daily tasks are handled by this device. There is no difficulty in running light games and common apps. But Redmi Note 4G performed slightly slower than original Redmi Note. In this case Snapdragon 400 was behind across the board. Both processors are powerful and have hardly noticeable difference. Battery of The Redmi Note 4G could operate for 11 hours and 9 minutes compared to older model where it lasted for 11 hours and 56 minutes in identical conditions. Redmi Note 4G are readily available at flipkart in a few clicks.

Cameras in both phones performed identically and results obtained from Redmi Note 4G in daylight were good. Details were mostly sharp and even low-light shots were good. The close-ups were in fact better than the long shots of the moving objects. Though Redmi Note 4G has been appreciated but found its predecessor better. Though it has been reasonably priced it may not be reasonable to spend Rs 1,000 extra on it yet. Loss of dualism and reduction in performance will not be worth it.