Current Canadian Attitudes Towards Nuclear Energy

Uranium and nuclear energy have been benefiting from renewed attention in Canada, and around the world, as one solution to environmental and energy supply concerns.

Used as a nuclear fuel, Uranium is an emissions-free source of energy, which makes it safe for the environment in comparison to other fuels. Canada has the world’s richest uranium deposits in northern Saskatchewan and has long been a world leader in Uranium technology.

But what do Canadians, on a whole, think about nuclear energy?

A recent research report prepared by Ipsos-Reid for the Canadian Nuclear Association, outlines Canadians’ current attitudes towards the environment, energy supply and a nuclear solution.

The report shows that Canadian concerns about future energy supply are becoming widespread, in tandem with environmental concerns:

Only 37% of Canadians believe that conservation efforts on their own will be enough to offset growing demand
Only 54% of Canadians believe that there is enough electricity supply in their province to meet future needs

There is overwhelming support for more government commitment to non-CO2 producing energy sources (93%)

While Canadians continue to have some basic concerns about nuclear energy, there is a significant majority of Canadians who believe that:

  • nuclear energy is reliable (68%)
  • nuclear power plants in Canada are safe (61%)
  • nuclear will always be an important part of our future energy mix (60%)

The number one benefit associated with nuclear power, according to Canadians, is that it is less harmful to the environment, clean and pollution-free.

While Canadians don’t perceive nuclear energy as the only answer to dealing with environmental concerns, they do see it as one important part of the equation.